Positively impacting the growth, development and success of minority small businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area.

We welcome participant applications from entrepreneurial minded minority business owners in all type of business. CMBC and our advisors engage everyone who completes the Basic Elements of the Executive Summary in the new in-line business process. The initial data business owners share is reviewed for completeness and viability by our teammates. Applicants can expect bilateral dialogue to determine the most suitable program placement and path forward. As applicant's progress, the Applicant constructs the elements of the summary in a two-part process, Basic and Advanced elements. Upon completion and review the CMBC may elect to allocate resources to assist applicants with the development, refinement, and submission of the completed and full Executive Summary. Once received by the CMBC, summaries will be evaluated and may be modified by the Applicant and the assigned business coach in a joint writing improvement process. Those Executive Summaries deemed acceptable will be allocated resources to prepare for inclusion into the 'Mock' business review. Applicants who demonstrate the desired organizational competencies at the 'Mock' review will advance to the formal business review and presentation. The formal business reviews will include a host of interested parties and may lead to a variety of immediate capital and growth opportunities for the applicants. The CMBC will continue to support and advocate for the Client firms after the business review, maintaining readiness and collaboration with key stakeholders and monitoring key performance indicators.

CMBC 6-Step Process to Economic Inclusion
CMBC Engagement

CMBC informally engages with prospect firms but the applicant and selection process doesn't commence until the Applicant creates an Account and answers basic questions on the company and individual owners. The subsequent steps and the time required to complete each depends upon the applicant's level of organizational commitment, knowledge, and available resources.

The applicant entrepreneur is expected to demonstrate preparedness and to present applicant business data and presentation materials as events are scheduled. The CMBC stakeholders will provide advance notices and maintain a schedule of events and deliverables for applicants. Missing due dates or submitting incomplete materials will result in delays. Applicants should plan and request resources to meet all the necessary deadlines for written summaries and oral presentations. CMCB teammates will remain available to assist the entrepreneur through each of the six developmental phases.

The complete engagement process will optimally conclude in 4-6 weeks from the date of application. In some instances, the entrepreneur and CMBC may decide the applicant or business concept is not adequately prepared for further evaluation. When agreed, the application may be sent to a previous stage for redevelopment and additional preparation. The Candidates process concludes when the business receives capital and new customers emerge to deliver the planned business growth. The program participant and the CMBC advisors will meet and discuss the appropriate interval to conclude the Candidate development and transition the company to a Client position, receiving advanced business development support.